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We create conditions for a rewarding and creative conference. passion by putting man in focus.

We strengthen your employer brand and your attractiveness by putting people's opinions in focus.

Convert numbers to real results.

Get access to unlimited pulses and teams, and all other features. Hartic is a complete solution.

Hartic is a cloud-based product that helps you and your company to put people's opinions in focus, where we support your managers and employees with analyzes, advice and measures to create sustainable development.


If you want to strengthen your employer brand, which, among other things, facilitates the supply of skills and increases profitability, you should try Hartic today.


Hartic is a part of ByHart and developed by our experts in Human Resources. Hartic is one of our four products / services, where the other three are HR, Skills supply and Education.


We create passion by putting people in focus. Let's show how.

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