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The heart rate tool as the whole company love.

Hartic is a complete solution that creates development within the company. Do you also want to become a more attractive employer?

For All Industries

Hartic is a tool for and about people, and of course it works equally well in all industries.

Regardless of the size of the company

It does not matter if you are five or 10 employees. Hartic is equally suitable in both cases.

The Boss's Best Friend In Everyday Life

Make adequate decisions based on research and experience of our experts in HR.

For All Employees

Transparency in and between all parts of the organization. Hartic is for groups and individuals.

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Hartic helps you and your company to put people's opinions in focus, where we support managers with analyzes, advice and tasks to create sustainable development.

Hartic never stands still.

Hartic is continuously developed by our specialists in Human Resources and is based on the latest research and our own experiences.

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