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Kalle Lampinen will be part of ByHart before the launch of Hartic: "It just feels so damn good"

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ByHart is probably in the fastest period ever since the company's birth. The number of assignments is increasing at the same time as preparations are in full swing for the launch of Hartic on 1 June. Kalle Lampinen was recently recruited, System developer, which works almost exclusively with the development of Hartic.

Today we officially welcome Kalle Lampinen to ByHart. He is part of the welded team that works daily with our new cloud-based service, Hartic, which is launched on June 1 (but already today a number of companies are working with Hartic so book a demo today if you want to belong to the pioneers).

How does it feel to continue your journey with us at ByHart?

- It feels great fun! he says. To be part of building and developing what we do, just feels so damn good.

Can you briefly tell us what Hartic is?

- It is a product developed to put people's opinions in focus, he says. The system is cloud-based, which means that you can access it anywhere and anytime, regardless of whether you use a mobile phone, tablet or computer. All you need is an internet connection.

Kalle Lampinen is the latest in the line of Developer at ByHart and is most concerned with the development of Hartic during the day.

What is the purpose of Hartic?

- You can already find competitors today who are similar to us, but the big difference is that we focus on so much more than just results and statistics. We really want to make a difference. Hartic is based on research and developed by ours HR specialists with us Developer, where the purpose is above all to help and support leaders in taking the right actions that create a company where people feel passion and want to work.

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John Mannberg, Marketing Manager, about Kalle's role at ByHart:

- That Kalle chooses to continue his career with us means a lot, he says. It's about so much more than that he possesses the skills we need, he is really passionate about what we build and has already become a hugely important cog in our machinery.

We say a warm welcome to ByHart!

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