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Hartic sees the light of day: "We are extremely proud"

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Today is June 1st and we are happy to announce that Hartic has been launched!

Hartic is a cloud-based product that helps you and your company to put people's opinions in focus, where we support your managers and employees with analyzes, advice and measures to create sustainable development.

If you want to strengthen your employer brand, which, among other things, facilitates the supply of skills and increases profitability, you should try Hartic today.

Hartic is a part of ByHart and developed by our experts in Human Resources. Hartic is one of our four products / services, where the other three are HRSkills supply and Education. Read more about ByHart and our way of working on our website.

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- We have developed Hartic almost from the beginning ByHart's journey, ie just over two years, and it feels great that we are finally launching a product we know makes a difference, says John Mannberg, Marketing Manager at ByHart.

Hartic is already up and running with many customers around Sweden.

- It is not possible to feel anything other than pride right now, John Mannberg continues. Hartic has been received incredibly well and our customers have already begun to experience the effects of a good way of working within the organization.

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