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A Complete Solution For You Business.

Get access to unlimited pulses and teams, and loads of features. Hartic is a complete solution that gives you all the tools to develop your organization.

Development on several levels

Why Does Your Business Need Hartic?

Hartic Gives You The Following

    • Prosperous staff who thrive and work together to achieve goals.

    • Clear structure in the work environment work.

    • Individuals who make adequate decisions based on research and experience of experts.

    • Transparency in and between all parts of the organization.

Plus This

    • Opportunity to put the value-based work in the center and work with your WHY, HOW and WHAT in the long term.

    • Higher attractiveness as an employer as you gradually become an actor people want to work for.

    • Higher profitability. If we have fun together, we create success.

We make sure you are more than satisfied with Hartic and will help you along the way.

Want to know more about what Hartic can do for you?


Simple and welcoming

Hartic is easy to handle and works on all platforms, whether you work in the field or in a desktop environment. The product is based on the latest research and developed by our HR specialists. Your company will also become a certified employer.
User friendly.
Works on all devices.
Solid introduction.
Certified by ByHart.

Pulses by experts

We help you and your company to put people's opinions in focus through simple surveys, and support managers and employees in taking the right action. We give you the tools to create sustainable development where people's well-being increases.
Standardized pulses.
Based on eight areas.

Unlimited and mobile

Hartic makes no difference to either industries or small and large organizations. Our pricing model is transparent and you never pay more than what you use. The number of users determines the monthly fee.
Unlimited number of users.
Unique roller.
Unlimited number of teams.
Import function.

Clear and direct

For us, a heart rate tool is about so much more than just numbers and statistics. Hartic offers not only visual results but also analyzes, benchmarks, development over time, individual results and not least clear intelligent measures.
Visual results.
Analyzes, tips and advice.
Intelligent measures.

Hartic contains everything you need.

Get access to unlimited pulses and teams, and loads of features. Hartic is a complete solution.


What to do and when?

Hartic knows what you need to focus on. The system follows your development and provides suggestions for practical measures that you later work with within the organization. Assign tasks to specific users and follow up everything directly in Hartic.
Tasks based on intelligent measures.
Custom tasks.
Assignment of tasks.

We are your HR partner

Hartic is a complete solution with all the associated functionality to work efficiently with the organization. If you want increased support within HR, you should choose Hartic PLUS (read more under Price). You get everything in the basic package but much more.
Inventory of HR needs.
Personal HR coach and support.
Separate price list on all HR-related products with us.
Separate price list for hourly assignments.

We help you all the way

For us, it is of the utmost importance that you get started in the right way with Hartic. It concerns not only introduction and onboarding, but also that we are your constant pillars during the journey. We are available when we together ensure that you succeed.
Support portal around the clock.
Technical support for all users.
Support via phone, email, chat and video.
Do you want to talk to a salesperson? Contact us and we will help you get started in the very best way.